Please can anyone help with driving minibuses for the Celtic Cup this weekend?

This is an integral part of the competition and to ensure that it runs successfully please help if you can.

It won’t be constant driving as it is in waves as needed. If you can help or know anyone who is retired and would be available to help us out we would be most grateful, please let us know what time you are available to cover by emailing


Drivers are required as follows: –


Friday 10 May – 3 drivers in total

1 from 9am and 2 from noon.

This will be to collect gymnasts, coaches and judges from the airport at varying times, deliver to their hotel and then take to and from MGCE for training.

Finishing by 9.30pm hopefully.


Saturday 11 May

3 drivers from 7.30am till approximately 11.30am to bring gymnasts, coaches and judges from their hotels to MGCE for the competition.

1 driver will also need to do one airport run at 11.45am to bring a team direct to MGCE.

These drivers will be needed again on Saturday from 5.30pm until midnight.


Sunday 12 May

3 drivers from 11am till 6pm to return all visitors to the airport.


You do not need a special drivers licence, but we DO need a scanned copy of your driving licence for the hire company – we MUST have this in order for you to drive the vehicles.


Thanks for your help, we really appreciate it!