Manx Gym Girls at the British National Team Champs March 2016

British National Team Championships - Manx Gymnastics

Oozing with amazing team spirit here are the girls who competed for the club in the enormous Emirates Arena in Glasgow last weekend. Undaunted by the big stage they all showcased their best stuff and gained 9th place overall – improving on last year’s score by 6 marks. Impressive!

Well done girls Рyou make us all really proud! Thanks to Coach Gennady and the super supportive parents who went along with the team. Thanks also to Les Nicol  of NK Construction who provided the kit.

Look out for the report in the local paper.

(Isabel Hester, Radha Patel, Emily Dale-Beeton, Gennady Tsyganov, Madison Nicol, Grace Harrsion and Nicole Burns)