2017 The new  fee schedule is available to download here: Class Costs.

Subscriptions payable are determined by the duration of the class attended.

DISCOUNTS on normal fees are given when more than one family member attends the club.

The monthly rates have been calculated using the hourly cost of sessions including the gym overheads and coaching resources.

The rates allow for the following holidays / cancellations :
– Bank Holidays
– Easter Weekend for Lynn Graham’s classes
– Closure for TT due to access restrictions
– Christmas School break
– In addition 6 session closures / cancellations are also factored in.

N.B. The gym may remain open for selected classes during the above periods; parents will be advised accordingly.

REFUNDS will only be given if cancellations exceed the above mentioned, in any financial year (01 September to 31 August).The rationale for the above is to make accounting as simple as possible and to recognise that the club is primarily run by volunteers.
Due to factors beyond our control, sessions may need to be cancelled from time to time.
Any refunds will be issued as a pro-rata credit to the next invoice.

Please note RECREATIONAL classes are normally closed in August and full credit will be applied to the accounts of those affected.


Please note that in addition to monthly session fees, each year all gymnasts must pay an additional charge for membership & insurance, in accordance with the regulations of British Gymnastics.
Children may only attend gymnastics sessions twice without having specific, personal insurance; after that British Gymnastics requires all participants to pay the relevant fee.
The table below indicates membership & insurance fees for the period 1 Oct 20013 to 30 Sept 2014.

Please note that we cannot waive Insurance for any reason as it has an impact on the Club’s own insurance status. We do not have any control over these charges and pay these sums directly to British Gymnastics in order to ensure that all gymnasts, coaches & committee members, are adequately insured to continue with gymnastics. If you have any queries, please contact the office.

Group / Level

BG Insurance

Club Membership

IOM Amateur Gymnastics Association

Pre-School £11 £12 £5
Recreational & local competitive £17 £12 £5
Competitive (regional, national) £41 £12 £5

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GymTime Schedule for Summer 2017

Week beginning 24th July: OPEN

Week beginning 31st July: OPEN

Week beginning 7th August: OPEN

Week beginning 14th August: CLOSED

Week beginning 21st August: OPEN

Week beginning 28th August: CLOSED


GymTime runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9.30am until 11.30am.

Under 7s are most welcome during the school break.

Have a very lovely summer!

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