The Celtic Cup competition is being held at Manx Gymnastics Centre of Excellence on 11 May.

It is a prestigious competition between teams from the IOM, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Ireland.

If you can help with any of the following we would be very grateful.


MINIBUS DRIVERS – we need drivers who are available on Friday 10 May, Saturday 11 May and Sunday 12 May to initially collect the visiting gymnastics and officials from Ronaldsway airport on the Friday and then take them to their hotel. They will then need to be taken to and from their hotel to the gym over the 3 day period for training and competition and them ultimately back to the airport on Sunday.

If you are able to help, please mail Colleen Dale-Beeton with your details – collsi@manx.net


GYM PREPARATION – we need parents help to prepare the gym on Thursday 9 May from 7pm onwards to remove equipment, clean and tidy etc and then on Saturday 11 May after the competition ends at approximately 5.30pm to put the equipment back in the gym for Sundays classes to start as usual.

Please email the gym – manxgymnastics@manx.net – or leave your name and contact details in the office if you can help.


HELPERS Please leave your name and contact details in the office if you can help with the following areas – you won’t need to help all day, we can arrange shifts if necessary

KITCHEN HELPERS – to run the cafe on Saturday during the competition

DOOR – collecting and issuing tickets, registering gymnasts

SCORERS – to collate scores throughout the rounds and final results

RUNNERS – boys and girls to help with the smooth running of the competition on the gym floor

BRACELET & NECKLACE STALL – someone to run the stall which will be selling Manx gifts

MUSIC – someone to help the announcer with the music during the competition

TECHNICAL SUPPORT – for the TV monitor to show updates on scores and team positions


Many thanks